What is the reason to travel?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous travel' started by Ian, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Ian

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    For me the reason to travel is because it gives me a sense of freedom and adventure, I always learn something new and it opens my mind and changes how I see things in life.

    Whats your reason to travel?

    Me at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

  2. Tabitha

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    Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I like to travel. When we were working, and just taking a holiday, it was a release, a way of getting away from the routine and trying to relax. That was a bit different though.

    In terms of why we travel now, I'm not sure that I really knew why, even while we were taking the decision to stop working and do it. I knew I wanted to see and experience lots of new places and things, and I know that I felt there was more to life than working all hours and buying a bigger flat, but I'm not sure that either of those things is why I chose to make travel my way of life.

    What I do know, regardless of the reason for doing it, is what I gain. Quite aside from seeing some beautiful and amazing things, travel really does open your eyes to both the differences AND the similarities in other countries, peoples and cultures. It has been great to both aspects, and it not only helps me to appreciate what I have, it also helps me to understand others more.
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