What do you use for Travel Photography?

Discussion in 'Travel gear and tech' started by Ian, May 30, 2017.

  1. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    During my travels, I have used a lot of different cameras and usually carry 2 cameras. If I am going on a trip where I know I want to get really good photos I will take my Canon DSLR and 4 lenses. I use a Black Rapid strap for my DSLR which holds the camera to the side rather than the front. I also carry a compact camera.

    Carrying a DSLR all day and lenses can get heavy, so I will decide what is best to use that day and leave the rest in the hotel. If I am going out for the day in a vehicle I will carry everything. If I’m going to be out walking all day I will usually only carry 1 or 2 lenses and a compact camera. For travel photography, I find a wide angle lens is excellent for getting interesting photos.

    At night if I’m going out I will only carry my compact that fits in my pocket.

    Here's a photo I took with my wide angle lens.

  2. Tabitha

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    Up until a few years ago, I just had a decent compact camera - a Canon or a Panasonic, with a decent optical zoom - plus a little Olympus waterproof. However, after arranging a trip to see the Northern Lights at the start of 2014, I figured I wouldn't get any decent photos, so decided to buy a 'proper' camera. I didn't want anything huge, so operated for an Olympus mirrorless, as they have a reasonably small body and the lenses aren't as big. I have added a zoom and landscape lens to the kit.

    I only got it a couple of days before we went, so had someone show me the right settings for the Northern Lights, but of course, I still haven't learned to use it properly yet, so haven't gained the best out of it. Must do so.

    Honestly, I'm not sure if carrying this is the right thing for me. It adds quite a bit of weight to what we are carrying, and I liked being able to pop my compact in my pocket, where I could quickly take it out and snap a photo, without having to fiddle with lens caps, and changing the lens. But perhaps once I learn to get more out of it, I'll appreciate it more. In the meantime, we're still carrying the little waterproof, so if we go somewhere more dodgy, or where we don't really expect to be taking photos, I take that instead.

    I was at least quite pleased with some of the Northern Lights photos, given that I had no real idea what I was doing, so it was still worth getting!
  3. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    The compact I am using now is a Sony RX 100, a bit expensive but takes great photos especially in low light. The zoom is not the best though.
    I would like to get a waterproof camera, that might be my next purchase.
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