What’s your favourite country?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous travel' started by Ian, May 27, 2017.

  1. Ian

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    People often ask me “what’s your favourite country?” It’s not an easy question to answer as I like almost all the countries I have been to. I am from N.Ireland but live in Canada so I will leave those two out as I have lived in both and would have a biased opinion.

    So for me a really good country to travel to needs a couple of things, nice natural scenery including great beaches. Cheaper prices than where I live so my money goes further. Friendly people that can speak some English so I can communicate but it’s not a deal breaker as I can get by on Spanish. My favourite country to travel to is The Philippines.
  2. Tabitha

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    I find that a tricky question too - I like lots of different countries for different reasons. I loved the friendliness of the people in Colombia. New Zealand is beautiful, and easy because it is English speaking. And the mix of traditional and modern in Japan was fascinating, but language would cause me a problem longer term.

    I think overall, for somewhere to travel for extended periods, I would have to go with Argentina. I can get by with my lousy Spanish, the people are friendly, the steak, empanadas and wine are excellent, and there is just so much stunning scenery. We are in Buenos Aires at present, and it is one of my favourite cities.
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  3. For me, a really good country has to be one with a great mix of history, culture, vibe, and scenery that could keep me interested (with different things) for the whole time I'm there, without getting bored. My favourite country on that score is somewhere like Benin - with so much relatively unknown history and vibrant feel - or Kyrgyzstan - with awesome scenery, a chilled feel, and obviously a long and detailed past. I've not been there yet, but I'm expecting to love Bolivia & Argentina.

    My favourite country though is Belgium. Because beer, street art, chocolate, and a nagging feeling that the country is held together politically with only some very dodgy duct tape ... :)
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  4. Ian

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    Tabitha, I liked Colombia too but was only there for about 4 days on my way to Ecuador and Peru. I stayed in a low budget hotel in the old part of Bogota. I've not been to New Zealand yet but hear a lot of great things about it. I liked Argentina, I was in Buenos Aires which is a beautiful city and did a day trip to Tigre about 15km north. Then went on to Uruguay and Brazil. We went to one tango bar called Bar Sur, it was a fun night. A lot of Irish pubs in the city too.

    The Barefoot Backpacker, Benin and Kyrgyzstan sound like very interesting places to visit. I'll be in the UK later this year hopefully for a month or more then do a trip from there, I was looking at the Balkans or an African safari. But I will look into Benin too. Bolivia and Argentina are great places to travel to. The only problem I had in Bolivia was the high altitude in La Paz if you went overland maybe you could slowly adjust to it. I flew directly into La Paz which is an awesome airport to fly into with all the mountains around it, but the altitude hits you right away. If you make it to Bolivia and have the time go to Iquitos, Peru. It's a great place to relax for a few days beside the Amazon river then you can take a boat down the Amazon and stay a few nights away from everything.

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