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Greetings from the UK. I'm Ian, and I'd describe myself as a "middle-aged quirkyalone part-time traveller". My particular 'niche' is to explore places off the typical tourist trail, from obscure West African countries to little-visited Boroughs of London, and I try to do this as cheaply and efficiently as I can - so I'll travel only what fits in hand-luggage on an aeroplane, for instance.

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Thanks for joining, I have wanted to go to Western Africa and can imagine it being an interesting place to visit.
Oh, it is :) (my profile pic was taken in Ghana). It's not, in my view, an easy place to take a first solo trip, and it's quite hard for an introvert because the culture is very 'inclusive', but there's a lot of history (several powerful African Empires in the 1500-1800s), a lot of cultural vive (music, Benin's the home of Voodoo too), and it's quite the adventure to get around (local buses are worth travelling on just for themselves!).