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  1. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    Just sharing some of my travel experience in Central America.

    I crossed the Nicaraguan border at Costa Rica which had a 2-3 hour wait in the hot sun, I was able to get through in 10 minutes ;)
    Nicaragua is a great place to visit with cheap prices. I went to San Juan Del Sur on the Pacific Coast where I stayed a few nights then north to Granada. I took a boat on Lake Nicaragua from Granada which was a great way to see some of the islands, some monkeys and exotic birds. Then I went to Managua and did a tour of the city. From Managua, I went north to Leon City. There was a lot more backpackers in Leon than Managua. Then I went west to Las Penitas beach on the Pacific coast which is a great place to relax after the cities.

    Here are a few photos of my trip to Nicaragua. For more photos, members can check my links in my signature below.


    San Juan Del Sur




    Lake Nicaragua





    Las Penitas
  2. Gallivanting Gus

    Gallivanting Gus New Member

    Great shots! How long did you stay? Was it enough time to see what you wanted to see?
  3. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks, I was there for about 12 days. I did get to see what I wanted to see but could have stayed longer. Are you thinking of going to Nicaragua?
  4. Gallivanting Gus

    Gallivanting Gus New Member

    Yup, basically from the Domincan Republic down to Colombia, then Ecuador (galapagos), costa rica, nicaragua, honduras, guatemala, belize, mexico then over to Nepal!
    I had planned for 3 weeks in Nicaragua - plenty of volcanoes to climb and ruins to see! Will most likely be there around late May this year
  5. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    That sounds like an excellent trip. I have been to all the countries you mentioned (plus the Galapagos), apart from Nepal. Since you like to dive you will like the Bay Islands just off the coast of Honduras.
    I stayed on Roatan. Belize is also a good place to dive, but I'm sure you already know that.
  6. Gallivanting Gus

    Gallivanting Gus New Member

    I've done plenty of research on Mexico and Belize (I thought I was going to start from the top down!) so im looking forward to seeing everyone else's opinions on what they did and didn't like.

    I'll be sure to post up some of my experiences once I'm there!

    I'll be in Nepal in October during Diwali then its off to SE Asia - life's tough!
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  8. Trish

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    Nicaragua is my favourite country in Central America. (I've been to Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, and just arrived in Guatemala 2 days ago). In addition to the OP destinations, I'd add Ometepe, Popoyo (for surfers) and Esteli or Matagalpa, with a visit to Somoto Canyon.
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