How did you get started with your travel blog?

Discussion in 'Travel blogging' started by Ian, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    Why did you start a travel blog?
    Did you want to be a travel writer?
    Did you want to be more creative?
    Do you have a background in web design?
    Another reason?
    You can add your blog web address here so members can check it out.
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  2. Julia Hammond

    Julia Hammond New Member

    I've had a website focused on my travels for years, mostly as a record of where I'd been as the memory's not great! During that time I wrote as a hobby and would link some of my work to the website, though if I'm honest a lot of it shouldn't have been let loose on the general public. When I quit teaching to write full time, I decided that a blog would help me offer a public face and also by then, countless friends were asking if I knew this, or had advice on that. It's easier to put such info up on the blog and direct people there. As I have no design skills whatsoever, I used a Mac template on the now obsolete iWeb software to create the website and a free Wordpress template for the blog.
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  3. Tabitha

    Tabitha Member

    I set mine up when we started travelling in 2011, largely as a journal for us and a way of letting friends and family see what we were up to. After all when you come back from a year away, no one really wants to hear all of your stories and see all those photos, but the blog means they can see things on a gradual basis. I have no experience whatever, and just use blogspot, which is ok for the main posts, but as it grows, I'd like to be able to create better pages, and make it more organised. I think that would require moving it, and I have no idea how to go about that! Maybe eventually I'll do it.

    I got really behind, and the whole thing kind of stalled, but I finally got going again, and should be caught up by May. Once I am, I'd like to do a few more article style pieces, as well as the journal style. I only have a small readership, but that really isn't the point for me, and I have no interest in making it into a big, monetised blog, as that seems too much like work! As for being a travel writer, it would be nice to do the odd piece and get paid for it, but I'm not sure my writing is up to the mark, and I suspect you have to make quite a lot of effort to get to the point where someone pays you for it!
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  4. Chris Campbell

    Chris Campbell New Member

    That's an interesting question Ian.

    Like Tabitha said above, you can get up in your own story about where you've gone and what you've done. This sounds great to yourself, but generally has no relevance to anyone who wasn't there. Of course there are some funny stories, but you're just recapping tales for your own purposes.

    I've traveled a lot, maintained a journal over 2 world trips, and never really thought any more about it. My girlfriend got me into putting my finger on what my true passion was, which was completely travel-centric. Just writing in general fills me up, and if I can add some wit or sarcasm to a story, then I feel I've done a good job.

    I created a website in the efforts to share any insights, experiences and tips for new travelers. There's a lot of people already out there focusing on what THEY have done, where THEY have been. My goal is for interaction, sharing and collaboration, and if it inspires someone, my goal is fulfilled. That's why the website you created Ian is unique that your mission is to get people to open up a dialogue. Thanks for again for the invitation, I will keep exploring your website.
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