Hi! From Beeton, Ontario


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Hello everyone, my husband, Sem and I are from Beeton, Ontario (North of Toronto). We have not travelled much but that is about to change..lol. So far, we only have been to Caribbean Islands in the last 3 years and LOVE the Sun and the Beaches. We have 2 cruises booked in August 2017 from Miami (Grand Turk, Curacao, La Ramona DR, Aruba) and Feb 2018 From Puerto Rico (St Lucia, St Maarten, St. Thomas, St Kitts, Barbados).
Looking forward hearing from everyone experiences whose been to those ports above, especially MUST to do and see. Thank you.


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Hi Lina and Sem, thanks for joining,

The two cruises sound great, you're going to a lot of beautiful islands. I have been to a few of the places you mentioned.

One of the places I think would be a must see is Maho Bay in St Maarten. St Maarten is a small island so from the port it is a short walk into town. You can easily get a taxi to give you a quick tour of the island. Maho Bay is where the planes fly over the top of the beach to land at the airport. I wouldn’t stand directly under where the plane flies as you could get a lot of sand in your eyes or knocked over from a jet blast.