Hi everyone! Just looking to expand and share in the travel community, come say hi

Hi, I'm Chris, originally from NZ (and lately, Australia), currently living in Canada.

As far as travel goes, I've been around the world a couple of times and haven't sat still much in the past 10 years. I love travel and everything it has given me. Sharing experiences and looking for shared experience from others is my passion. Love feedback!

I've got some words on blogs at my website below


And some pics and pieces @

Please feel free to like, share and follow if anything relates.

Come say hi at the very least, would love to hear of your experiences to do with travels.

Belize is next on the agenda, so any insights and tips are most welcome!
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Hi Chris, thanks for joining.

I was in Belize about 15 years ago, I took a boat from Guatemala then went up the coast from Punta Gorda. Placencia was a laid back little town, near the lesser-known Southern Cayes. I rented a 4x4 in Belize City and went inland for a drive nice countryside. Nothing to see in Belmopan. Caye Caulker was a nice little place, San Pedro on Ambergris Caye was a lot busier and has a lot more tourists mostly from North American. A lot of great beaches in the area and a great place to do boat trips, snorkelling or diving. You can book trips from Belize for a couple of days to Tikal, Guatemala which I would recommend if you have the time.
Thanks for all the insights Ian, appreciate you taking the time. Very keen to get to the Cayes, have had friends visit Caye Caulker and I've heard nothing but good things. Now that I live in North America I want to get into Central and Southern America so if you have any more recommendations, I'm all ears ... and thanks again for the invite to your community!


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Hi Chris,

I have been to every country in North, Central and South America apart from the Guianas. South and Central America is too vast to just give you some recommendations if you have a specific region or country I can give you some tips. One tip I would give for sure is to learn some Spanish. I took some lessons in Quito, Ecuador and in Toronto and picked up the rest through travel in Latin America. I am far from fluent in Spanish but can get by when I travel. It will help you in Brazil also even though it's Portuguese they will somewhat understand. If you decide to go anywhere in Central or South America just let me know where you are going and I should be able to give you some helpful tips.