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Hello everyone! It's great to find a spot to chat with fellow travellers. My name is Kendra and I am from Niagara, Canada. I have been to 17 different countries in my 27 years and am excited to add more to that list.

My last trip was to Curacao in April on this year and I highly recommend going if you haven't ever been. I am planning on taking two more trips this year, fingers crossed that all of the details work out.

Very recently I started a travel blog in hopes of sharing stories, giving advice, tips, tricks, and speaking about my experiences. You can check it out at https://collectingkilometres.wordpress.com
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Hi Kendra, thanks for joining. The two trips you are taking this year are they to single countries or multiple countries each time? Ian


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One of them will be ten days and visiting two countries. And the other will just be a weeks vacation to one country once winter hits.