Greetings from all around the world!

Hey guys, My name is Shaun.

Why I say greetings from all around the world is because I'm never really in one place long enough, however all my belongings and personal items as well as my own bed (which is great to be in once in a while) is all based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I love traveling and most importantly I love finding untouched places that haven't become commercialized. It is my goal to find all the places that tourists haven't found yet but the locals love!

Saying that I like to consider myself as a local in each place I visit. I like to immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle!

I enjoy taking photos and videos of my travels and enjoy editing them into something beautiful. I am no professional yet but I'm sure with a lot of practice I will get there soon.

Here are my channels, I welcome all support and will definitely give it back: (I need a bit more subscribers to make this a customized url) :)

Looking forward to meeting some of you on my travel!