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I have been to Cuba 3 times, and I like it there. I went to Varadero, Havana and Cayo Coco.
Great to go to the hot weather when it's freezing cold during winter in Canada.
Anyone else been? Best location? Beach?
Are you going to Cuba for the first time?
Photo at Cayo Coco

I've been once, in 2012. It was supposed to be for a month, but we had to delay going, so only had a fortnight - as it turns out that was a good thing, as had we gone as planned, we would have been in the Santiago area when the tsunami hit it.

We went to Havana, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and Camarguey. Trinidad is beautiful. We're not really into beaches, so stuck more to the town's and cities. It amused us to see people see the way so many people were trading on Che goods, including selling banknotes with his picture on from when he was president of the National Bank - it seems so at odds with his beliefs to have people making money out of him that way.


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Trinidad sounds good, if I go back to Cuba I'll stay near Trinidad. Funny what your saying about selling Che goods and bank notes :)


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Cuba was the first country I visited in Latin America. Seing some documentaries about Cuba, reading some articles is nice, but being there is a different story. Where elsewhere there is an "old town" having <19th century buildings, here the colonial buildings were dominating the view of all the cities I visited, making you feel like you have taken a trip through time (And don't get me started about all the classic 40ties-60ties cars). Everything there makes you feel like there are several different decades mashed together. Also... there are the people living there - they "feel different" regardless of social status. Despite me seeing poverty up closer (at almost every location!) than in other countries I've visited, people here have a lot of pride, and try to make the best of their situation - yes, life isn't easy here. Complaining doesn't seem to be an option here - more the contrary - "the pursuit of happiness" which is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence is emphasized here.

I did a round trip back then, going with the Viazul busses Havana->Vinales->Cienfuegos->Trinidad->Santa Clara->Varadero

If you are into scuba diving: Lots of marine life at playa ancon, near Trinidad, for wreck-diving: Varadero :)
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I'm trying to decide whether to go at the start of June, or delay to a different time of year when the weather is better. I'm absolutely useless in the heat. Has anyone else been in June? Is it awful?