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Forum Guidelines

The forum is free to join, we value your contribution to our travel forum all we ask is that you respect our rules and the other members of the forum.
This is a community for travellers to interact, share experiences, knowledge and insights with each other in a family friendly manner.
We encourage all of our members to post comments and photos as information shared will go to the greater benefit of us all.

Please Do

Be friendly with everyone.
Make your post easy to read.
Add your photos to your posts.
Post with a positive attitude.
Share your local or travel knowledge.
Use common sense and decency.
Keep your posts PG 13.
Add your own photos related to your post.
Please remember this is a global community and respect each other.
Report a post that does not follow our guidelines or term and rules.
Welcome new people to the community, they have caught the travel bug too.

Please Don’t

No spam. The forum is for travellers, not for promoting a business, service or travel agency.
Do not use the logo of a company as your profile picture.
Do not post in all capital letters or add memes.
Do not argue. Sometimes people will have disagreements, but please keep posts civil and polite.
Do not have posts that include hate, violence, threats, profanity, sexual content, personal opinions of religion or politics.
Do not add your phone number, email address, home address to posts or give any private details to anyone.
Do not ask for money from anyone, or give money to anyone.
Do not post copyright material that is not yours.

Linking to your travel blog

You can add a link to your travel blog in the introduce yourself or travel blogging forum.
You should not have more than 4 links total, including your profile signature.
More than 4 links or constantly referring to your blog is an abuse of the forum.
If you need to add more than 4 links, could you please add a link on your blog to this website.
If you write great posts on the forum we will tweet it to our 6000 followers, people will see the link to your blog in your profile and they will visit your blog. Add photos to your posts.


The staff of Travellers Hangout will review individual posts and links. We understand people make honest mistakes, and when problems do arise we will review the post or link and deal with it appropriately. In extreme cases, we will ban and remove a person from the community.

We reserve the right to edit or remove any posts or links.

These guidelines are in addition to the term and rules at the bottom of the forum page and are subject to change anytime.

Community Frequently asked questions

Since we are a new forum the list of questions and answers here will grow, or hopefully not :)

I cannot sign up using Facebook

You can sign up using your Facebook login. If for any reason you cannot sign up using Facebook login please let us know, or sign up through our site only.

I joined but the page says I have insufficient privileges

There is a possibility your IP or email address has been listed as a spam address with another website. If you think this is a mistake and you don’t spam please contact the administrator Ian at

I joined and now I cannot login?

If you signed up we will send you an email, if the email is bounced back as not existing your account will be deleted.
If you were a member but you started to try to sell products, services/spam your account was deleted.
If your username was a .com which is spam it was deleted.

How do I make a new post?

First, you must be logged in. Then select the forum you would like to post to. For example, you want to post about "Paris, France." Select the Europe forum, then General Discussion.
On the bottom right side of the page click on Post new thread. Then enter your title and your post. Then click create a thread and you are done. You can add images if you like.

Let's grow the forum, follow us on social media or add a link from your website to Travellers Hangout

Let's grow this forum together, add a text or logo link to Travellers Hangout.
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Other questions

Please contact the administrator Ian at

We encourage all of our members to post comments and photos of the city, town or region where they live or latest trip as information shared will go to the greater benefit of us all.

Please enjoy our travel forums and Happy posting to all, we look forward to you adding your content to make Travellers Hangout the best travel community and information site that we can.