British, Canadian, American spelling differences for a blog.


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If you have a blog do you think it’s important to spell your words in British, Canadian or American English?

There are a few differences, like favorite and favourite or gray and grey. Since I grew up and went to school in the UK I usually write in British English, but since I live in Canada some spelling is not the same like tire or tyre. And sometimes I make spelling mistakes o_O

If your reading blogs does it bother you the slight spelling difference?

It doesn’t bother me either way as I lived in the UK and now North America so I’m used to the differences.


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Ehh, I kinda write British English, since that's what I learned in school (Krautland). Yet, there more and more articles I read on the net, the more and more code I write (developer by profession, and some methods by some frameworks have obvious US English spelling), the more I get influenced by US English - so I guess it's a mixture afterall.

Ps: If you're* reading [...] ;)
No offence Mario, but if you write "Ehh" and "kinda" then you're not writing British English. I'm a proud Brit so my blog and articles I write for publication are always in standard English. When it comes to reading blogs, I prefer to read English rather than American English but if the topic is sufficiently compelling, then I'll read it regardless. There are a lot of poor writers out there, alas, but when a piece has a strong narrative, then even if it uses American (or Canadian) spelling, then I'll enjoy it.