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    My first stop after crossing the border from Serbia was Visegrad which has this beautiful bridge.



    Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great place to visit, it is in a valley surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. The city has a long history which is evident in the buildings around the city. The Roman, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires have all left their marks on this city. More recent history including the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914 that started World War I, the 1984 Winter Olympics and from 1992 to 1996, the city had the longest siege of a city in the history of modern warfare, during the Bosnian War.


    Road to Mostar


    Mostar Bridge


    Mostar war damage

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    I visited Sarajevo back in 2002, and found it truly heartwarming to see the spirit of the people there then. The war there was still obviously very recent, and you could really feel the joy that people took simply from being alive - there was a real sense of people enjoying life. I also loved the Sarajevo Roses, where they had filled in the shelling holes in the pavement with a red resin. They were both beautiful and poignant.
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