Boracay Island, Philippines


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I first went to Boracay in 1993, when it was a quiet laid back low priced paradise. I stayed in a bamboo hut, for $5 a night, with a hammock out front on the beach. At the time I had never heard of Boracay, my friend and I arrived in Manila and were waiting to catch a flight to Iloilo on Panay. There was a picture on the wall at Manila airport of a beautiful beach with white sand, palm trees and turquoise water. I asked someone at the airport where’s that, and he said Boracay. So we said we were going there.


After a couple of days visiting a friends family in Iloilo, we took a late night chicken bus (there were chickens on the bus) north to catch an outrigger to Boracay. We spent about a week on Boracay, it was very relaxing.


I returned in 2011 (All the photos here are from 2011). Boracay has been discovered and has mass tourism. I was shocked when I saw the number of people, hotels and how the beach had been changed by development. The main beach White Beach is still the same width but hotels have sprawled on to the beach taking up a lot of it with shelters for buffets, water sports rentals, beach chairs for hotel customers on the beach, etc.


Puka shell beach which is a short tricycle ride away from White Beach still looks the same and is worth going to for a day. This is Puka shell beach below.


Boracay island is one of the most popular places in Asia for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The surfing is at Bulabog beach on the east side of the island (White beach is on the west side) about a 10-minute walk from White beach. It can get very windy there.


I recently read that in 1993 there were 70‘000 tourists that visited Boracay, in 2016 there were over 1.7 million tourists. Some might prefer it now with lots of restaurants, hotels with pools and great nightlife. I preferred it before but there are over 7000 islands in the Philippines so it’s easy enough to find another quiet paradise. It is still worth it to visit Boracay if you're thinking of going you should go soon before it gets more crowded.

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Stunning beauty. I read an article the other day about eco tourism and how it can save beautiful places like this from over crowding of tourists. It seems once a blog is written about the tranquillity of a place, someone wants to capitalise on the opportunity. It's trying to foster eco tourism instead