Anyone taken a cruise?


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I never liked the idea of going on a big cruise ship, and the first one I took was with Costa Cruises on the Carribean and it was terrible. But then I did a Mediterranean Cruise on Norweigan Epic and thought it was great. I think if you find a cruise line you like and go to destinations you have never been before you could have a great time.

On both of these cruises I had balcony suites, but if I were to go on another cruise I might try an inside cabin to see if I like it and to save money for more trips.

I have done a couple of interesting cruises on much smaller boats, a Nile River cruise in Egypt and a Galapagos Islands cruise.


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I've gone on the typical Carnival Cruise. I went twice, both were only five day cruises that went down into Mexico and back up. I'm not that big of a fan of them simply because they don't really allow that much time to actually see a place. You spend most of your vacation on the boat trekking the ocean and get maybe twelve hours at best to explore a city. I think I just like being in a city or country for at least a few days so that I can wander around to see thing's and get to see the culture a bit better than I would if I was just at the port for twelve hours.

I haven't done any other cruises but I feel like a Nile River cruise would be extremely exciting though. My cruise knowledge doesn't expand much beyond the typical big boat Carnival/Royal Caribbean type though.
I've never been on what I would call a cruise, as they've never really appealed to me. I have done a couple of small, 'expedition ship' trips, one on a circumnavigation of Spitsbergen to see the polar bears, and two to Antarctica. We're intending to do at least one more to Antarctica, this time including South Georgia in the itinerary, and would love to do more, as we both love it there.