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  1. Julia Hammond

    Hotel security tips

    Ditto to what Ian has said. Plus I keep a photocopy of the data page of my passport on me plus scanned onto the computer at home, which means at least I'd have the information required for the British consulate to issue me with emergency travel documents if needed.
  2. Julia Hammond

    What’s your favourite travel shoe?

    Well despite the money I can recommend Clarks Unstructured. They last for years and you can wear them all day and all night without sore feet. Your trip sounds like fun; enjoy!
  3. Julia Hammond

    What’s your favourite travel shoe?

    Depends on your foot. My husband swears by Merrells but I've never yet found one that feels comfortable. My current pair of boots are Karrimor, which is a cheap brand but they're so comfy I haven't even needed to walk them in. If I'm looking for smarter shoes that are good for pounding city...
  4. Julia Hammond

    British, Canadian, American spelling differences for a blog.

    No offence Mario, but if you write "Ehh" and "kinda" then you're not writing British English. I'm a proud Brit so my blog and articles I write for publication are always in standard English. When it comes to reading blogs, I prefer to read English rather than American English but if the topic...
  5. Julia Hammond

    Where are the 3 places you want to visit?

    Assuming we mean places we haven't already been to, then Svaneti (Georgia), Kyrgyzstan and the Cordillera Blanca in Peru for me.
  6. Julia Hammond

    Panama to Belize

    I'd agree rushing to cover all the countries in just eight weeks is a mistake. I'll add my vote for El Salvador, particularly the area in and around Suchitoto.
  7. Julia Hammond

    Taiwan must-sees?

    I've never been but husband says Taipei 101. Gets closed in high winds so no luck in typhoon season!
  8. Julia Hammond


    I've been a couple of times and although they were good holidays, it's not the place that got under my skin. Controversially, perhaps, I'm not a big Asia fan.
  9. Julia Hammond

    Going to Japan solo?

    Definitely go. The Japanese are welcoming and helpful; the country's as safe as they come. Are there specific aspects of travel/your trip that you're worried about?
  10. Julia Hammond

    Selfie stick

    I'm with you all the way Tabitha. That Yolocaust link is really shocking.
  11. Julia Hammond

    How did you get started with your travel blog?

    I've had a website focused on my travels for years, mostly as a record of where I'd been as the memory's not great! During that time I wrote as a hobby and would link some of my work to the website, though if I'm honest a lot of it shouldn't have been let loose on the general public. When I...
  12. Julia Hammond

    Anyone going to the Middle East?

    You're welcome. If you need any other advice, please let me know.
  13. Julia Hammond

    Anyone going to the Middle East?

    It really depends what you're looking for and what your interests are. Dubai is one big high rise modern development punctuated by shopping malls, flash hotels and water parks - you can tell I'm sure that it's not my favourite. It's possibly to see something more traditional e.g. by getting...
  14. Julia Hammond


    I might be a little late for this, only just seen it, but in between LA and SD lies the Spanish mission at San Juan Capistrano. Far more interesting than either of the two big cities! You can read about it here...
  15. Julia Hammond


    Yes, make sure you put the GPS co-ordinates into your sat-nav though as there's a ravine to navigate and a small sand cliff. Great spot though, especially if you get it to yourself as we did.
  16. Julia Hammond

    Travel writer and blogger who's always got one eye on the Essex marshes and the other looking...

    Travel writer and blogger who's always got one eye on the Essex marshes and the other looking for a great flight deal
  17. Julia Hammond


    I've been on a few. The first was a budget safari out of Nelspruit to Kruger; it cost peanuts and I saw all of the Big Five in my first day. That got me hooked. Then I went to Tanzania and did a great safari from Arusha with a lovely guide called Mapunda who was as enthusiastic as he was...
  18. Julia Hammond

    Anyone going to the Middle East?

    No plans this year, though in the past I've visited quite a few Middle Eastern countries, including Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai, Oman and Turkey so far. Would like to visit Lebanon one day.
  19. Julia Hammond


    I got married in Iceland and wrote a Kindle guide for Unanchor - which should give you the measure of how much I love the place. I'd say if it's your first visit, go slightly off season to be able to enjoy the major sights without too many people to spoil the experience. Rent a car; some of...
  20. Julia Hammond

    Hi I'm Julia

    Hi, really happy to have stumbled upon this forum. I'm the person behind Julia's Travels, trained as a Geography teacher but now working as a travel writer instead. I've travelled to over a hundred countries now but the itch still needs scratching! I love nothing better than visiting Latin...