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    Pocket wifi recommendation

    Hi Peggy, When you went to Germany, did you try to use the Wifi in Berlin? Did it have a good connection there? What about France? Have you tried to use this iVideo Wifi there too? I am planning a trip with friends and i was looking for something like this, Ian mentioned this thread to me and...
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    Suggestions of Eggs Wifi/Mifi in WE?

    Thank you Ian, i will be checking the other post. I heard it before, but i also didn't want to rely only on free wifi, i had a previous experience in another in which i could not use the free wifi due to some problems on the registration process, so since that time i always try to have my own...
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    Suggestions of Eggs Wifi/Mifi in WE?

    Hi guys, new member here! Me and my friends will be making a trip to western Europe, mainly Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin and if we still have enough time and money(kind of budget trip) , anywhere in France or UK. I had a bad experience using roaming Data before in another adventure and since this...