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  1. Gallivanting Gus

    Watching the sunset over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, looking forward to yoga in the morning <3

    Watching the sunset over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, looking forward to yoga in the morning <3
  2. Gallivanting Gus

    Travelling with a Drone

    Just curious as to how many fellow travelers are carrying drones with them? If so, where are you travelling and have you had any issues? As I am travelling through Central America there's a few countries with drone restrictions (Nicaragua, Cuba and Guatemala) and I've only ever had problems...
  3. Gallivanting Gus

    How did you get started with your travel blog?

    For me its a way to keep my brain ticking over, especially on the days off. My blog is mostly for myself and my family back home - just so mum knows I'm still alive and well! I started putting my blog together pretty much straight after I quit my job. It took about 3...
  4. Gallivanting Gus


    Update from my post above: Nicaragua is stunning! Leon was my favourite without a doubt, there's so many gorgeous hostels to stay in - my favourite being Poco a Poco. Here's a few of my posts from Nicaragua - the volcano boarding is a must! Ometepe – Living the Nica Life Volcano Boarding...
  5. Gallivanting Gus

    You Simply Must Go To Colombia!

    Hola Team! I spent a total of 7 weeks in Colombia and it has been my favourite country I have ever visited. Ever. I flew into Cartagena, moved up the coast to Santa Marta where I stayed in Palomino, Taganga and Buritaca (where I volunteered at the most amazin hostel - El Rio. From El Rio I...
  6. Gallivanting Gus


    I've done plenty of research on Mexico and Belize (I thought I was going to start from the top down!) so im looking forward to seeing everyone else's opinions on what they did and didn't like. I'll be sure to post up some of my experiences once I'm there! I'll be in Nepal in October during...
  7. Gallivanting Gus

    Currently soaking up the sun in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

    Currently soaking up the sun in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
  8. Gallivanting Gus


    Yup, basically from the Domincan Republic down to Colombia, then Ecuador (galapagos), costa rica, nicaragua, honduras, guatemala, belize, mexico then over to Nepal! I had planned for 3 weeks in Nicaragua - plenty of volcanoes to climb and ruins to see! Will most likely be there around late May...
  9. Gallivanting Gus


    Great shots! How long did you stay? Was it enough time to see what you wanted to see?
  10. Gallivanting Gus

    Bucket List

    Here's a few items from my list that I can't wait to tick off Dive with a whale shark in Koh Tao, Thailand Discover a WW2 fighter plane wreck in Rabaul, PapuaNew Guinea Walk the Kokoda Track in the Owen Stanley Range, PapuaNew Guinea Trek the Himalayas in Nepal Dive Green Lake in Tragöß...
  11. Gallivanting Gus

    Here's an idea...

    So I was thinking in the shower, wouldn't a traveller trading app be cool? Buying stuff online can be difficult, maybe you don't have much money to spend on new gear, maybe you're looking to sell something to save a few pennies so you can escape for another week? Who would use an app similar...
  12. Gallivanting Gus

    G'Day from Gallivanting Gus!

    Hey folks, Gallivanting Gus here! Just started the big round the world trip we always dream of - currently in the Dominican Republic, soon to be in Colombia. I'm 24, from Aus, dive master, underwater photographer, drone pilot (when the thing eventually arrives!), mechanical engineer turned...