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  1. Katie Featherstone

    Where are the 3 places you want to visit?

    Madagascar has to be top of my list too Tabitha! Also Papua New Guinea and Botswana I think. :)
  2. Katie Featherstone

    Peace Corps or other Volunteers

    I've done quite a bit of volunteering, but mostly work exchange type stuff, but I was working with Help Refugees in Calais last year from July until December. Plenty of work to be done there always.
  3. Katie Featherstone

    well, hello there...

    Hi everyone, I'm Katie from, nice to "meet" you all. I'm travelling around some of Europe (the warmer bits) in an old carpet van called Burt at the moment, spent half of last year volunteering for Help Refugees in Calais and will be going to Iceland to do some trail...