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    Suggestions of Eggs Wifi/Mifi in WE?

    Hi Ita, thanks for joining. There was a discussion on this subject before, here's the link to that post. I just got back last month from a trip to the UK, Iceland and Eastern Europe and only used free wifi, I was able to update software on this website, social media and keep in contact with...
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    Well I finally made it to Iceland and it was a short 3-day trip, but still very good. Here's the posting for my trip.
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    Hi Pat, just wondering how your trip to Toronto was? Did you get to any of the places Mike and I mentioned? Where's your next trip?
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    3 days in Iceland

    Looking for a short visit to an unforgettable place? Iceland should be on your list of places to visit. Although you could easily visit Iceland for 2 weeks exploring the incredible scenery, you can still see a lot in a few short days. You could go any time of year, but daylight only lasts about...
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    Google Maps

    Before mobile phones and WiFi the only way to get around without getting lost was with a paper map or a guide book. I still use maps and research new places with maps, mostly online now. So on my recent trip to the Balkans I did use a paper map but also started using Google maps on my phone...
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    We crossed the border from Albania and went to St Nahum monastery for a stop. After the monastery we went to Ohrid, a very picturesque tourist city on lake Ohrid. St. John Church at Kaneo, Ohrid
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    During my time in Albania I stayed in the capital Tirana and Berat a city with a large fortress on top of a hill. Driving around the countryside you will notice concrete bunkers all over the place. Drivers in Albania do not follow the rules, stopping at a stop sign or red light is optional, so...
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    Kosovo is another interesting place to visit, there are not a lot of tourists so when the locals see you they stare. Where as in places like Croatia where there are so many tourists no one pays attention to you. I went to the Serbian Decani Monastery a KFOR protected area, in the gift shop they...
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    Montenegro is another excellent country to visit, the prices are a bit lower than Croatia. The Bay of Kotor is like a fjord with medieval towns and beaches along the coast. Kotor and Herceg Novi are worth visiting. Podgorica the capital city does not have a lot to see.
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    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea. Cruise ships dock here all summer and even now in late September. The city is a on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. I stayed here 2 nights during my tour of the Balkans. I walked the 2 km’s along the city walls, walked...
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    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Visegrad My first stop after crossing the border from Serbia was Visegrad which has this beautiful bridge. Sarajevo Sarajevo the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great place to visit, it is in a valley surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. The city has a long history which is evident...
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    I’m on a Balkan bus tour and left Sofia at 8am for Studenica, the most important monastery of medieval Serbia. The border crossing was fast and we were able to get our money changed just after crossing into Serbia. The first tourist stop was the old capital Krusevac, we seen some ruined walls, a...
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    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Sofia is a large city with the first humans living here since 7000 BC, so there is a lot of history and really interesting places to visit. I stayed at the Art Plaza hotel a short walk to Vitosha Boulevard a pedestrian street and the main shopping street in the city, which also has a lot of...
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    Art Plaza Hotel, Sofia Bulgaria

    I booked myself a room for 2 nights at the Best Western Art Plaza Hotel with breakfast and WiFi. When I arrived at noon my room was not ready yet so I went for a walk down Vitosha Boulevard a pedestrian street nearby and the main shopping street in the city. When I went back to the hotel the...
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    Salford and Old Trafford, Greater Manchester

    During my visit to Manchester I went to Salford Quays and Old Trafford stadium home of Manchester United. It was easy enough to walk to each place but you can take a taxi from Salford Quays over to Old Trafford to save some time. Media City, Salford ITV studios, home of Coronation Street...