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Who we are

Travellers Hangout is a new online travel forum. The goal is to grow this site into one of the best online places for like-minded people to meet, share travel experiences, knowledge and insights with each other. Members are from countries all over the world and all ages and include every type of traveller from backpackers, nomads, adventurers, explorers, travel bloggers, families and people new to travel that want to see more of the world.

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How did Travellers Hangout get started

This website got started by Ian (more about Ian below), after years of travelling I decided to start an online forum for world travellers. The name Travellers Hangout took a little while to come up with. I was writing down different names for a website where people that love to travel could meet and chat. I wrote maybe a hundred different names, travel, chat, world, etc. Then my daughter asked me if she could Hangout with her friends and that was how the name came about. It sums up exactly in the name what I wanted the website to be, an online place for Travellers to Hangout.

 About Ian

I grew up in Northern Ireland during “The Troubles”, my father died when I was 8 years old so my family never had a lot of money to travel. We did trips around the UK which were great but I always wanted to see foreign places, Latin America, Asia, other parts of Europe, basically the world. I emigrated to Canada after college and I was able to get a job within the first week. I was able to start saving money and when I got the time off work I would travel (I no longer work). At the start I was flying back to the UK a lot, I still fly there almost every year.

My first trips were seeing more of Canada, United-States and Mexico. The first trip outside of North America and the UK was a 6-week trip alone to South East Asia. That trip changed my view of travelling and what I was able to do on my own and that is when I really caught the travel bug and wanted to see more. Since then I have travelled a lot by myself and sometimes with friends or family. Some of my experiences include seeing the Great Pyramids and going inside one. Sailing down the river Nile in Egypt. Going to the Great Wall of China which was amazing. Going to Boracay Island in 1993 when it was a quiet paradise where you could get a hut on the beach for $5, hammock included. I went back to Boracay a couple of years ago to see the changes, very over crowded now. Sailing the Galapagos Islands and seeing the different wildlife. Taking a helicopter over Iguazu Falls. And many more experiences. After many years of travelling, I got married and together we have travelled to a lot of countries also.

My travels as of October 2017, 73 countries and territories. Plus 31 US States.

Thanks for visiting this website, Join now and let’s make this the best travel community we can.